We are a boutique animation and video production firm.

OPSixty is a boutique animation and video production firm specializing in high-quality explainers and exceptional animated infomercials for businesses. Established & based in the Philippines, OPSixty is committed to the needs of our clients with simply designed and elegantly executed, detailed and flowing videos that educate and entertain.

High Quality Work

OPSixty’s main mission is to consistently provide a range of superior & finely detailed videos regardless of the size, length or budget offered.

Budget Flexibility

OPSixty assures that its team is highly skilled at tailoring their work to meet your budget. We strictly pursue to serve polished first-rate videos that meet our clients’ businesses’ needs.

Convenient Customer Service

With OPSixty’s dedication to providing quality service, we are always ready to assist you at any time. Our team will graciously schedule a time to hear about your needs.


Get a Quote

You’ll start by sending us the specifications for your project, and in return, you’ll get a price estimate for the whole job. We’ll set up a meeting, discuss our options and wait for your approval on the quote.

Script Writing

Once the price quote is approved, we’ll get started with the scriptwriting process. Whether you already have one ready that you think we should use, or would like us to start from scratch, we can agree upon a script that works for your project. All we need from you is the down payment on the job, and we can begin on the details of the production.


This is where the magic happens. We’ll bring your idea to life with a suitable voice-over that fits the tone of your idea and a detailed storyboard that you’ll have the opportunity to approve before we move forward. With your go-ahead, we’ll turn the storyboard into a final production, and our intuitive client management platform allows you to provide your feedback throughout the process.


When we’re done, we’ll give you the final invoice. Once you’re paid in full, you’ll receive the fruits of our labor in the form of a high-resolution, completed version of your video.


Mark Abacajan

Storyboard Artist

Pach Valenzona

Creative Director

Charles Albarracin

Motion Designer