I know you’re all excited to get your hands down to making the video but slowdown cowboy. We should be able to determine first if we have the essential elements of what an awesome and killer explainer video has. In this article, I will only enumerate the top 5 things for an easy stride. 1 Read More

If used right, video marketing  is enough to send the right message to your target audience. On a marketing perspective, its efficiency can rival any other written or image content that you can produce for your brand. Touching reality, how does it fare as a marketing tool? Here are some numbers to give you an idea: Youtube, the Read More

Video marketing campaign is now easier and less expensive through social media sites. Add to that the fact that people are now spending more time watching videos on mobile than watching TV, according to John Koetsier, Mobile Economist at Tune. Social Media sites have different style, approach and policies. These are not restrictions, but are Read More

There’s no doubt about it that Online Videos are the hype when it comes to Digital Business Marketing, it’s a fantastic introduction on what your business or product is about and how it can actually help your client’s in their business or daily life. We’ve sorted out the Top Explainer Videos of all time we Read More

An effective video marketing can be tested in a series of experiments involving proper and careful strategies that would include funding to create the videos, effective creative ideas for content, appealing content output that could entice target audience and potent channels for the distribution of videos. But let’s start with the fundamentals to appease your Read More