Trends and Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Campaign in 2017

Digital Marketing in 2016 has been effective when it comes to initiating new trends. That we think would be extensive by 2017. It’s already the last quarter of 2016 and in groundwork of what’s coming up with Video Marketing in 2017, we’ve collated some trends and tips for you to have an Effective Video Marketing Campaign by 2017.

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Trends by 2017

Age of Virtual Reality

As you may have noticed Live Videos in Facebook and Video marketing has been the fad for the year 2016, and experts are expecting the craze with Virtual Reality in the marketing industry, and will be a necessity by the year 2017. Though we can’t really imagine how this will be executed, it’s really exciting how Virtual Reality can be incorporated with Digital Marketing.

Videos, Videos and more Videos

Video marketing will definitely be a blast this 2017, as per Business2community, not only because it’s more engaging than the traditional text approach, it is proven that consumers would actually take more time checking out video marketing. A research conducted by WISTIA concludes that there is an increase possibility of purchase by 15-20% on those who were engaged with an effective video marketing. According to 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around the block since 2014, but it has been increasingly popular, that everyone wants to be a Social Media Influencer. The key here is finding the right influencer for your niche and you can collaborate with them.

More Video Apps

As you’ve noticed the birth of Snapchat and the rebirth of Instagram now with Instagram stories, both platforms are being used for advertisement and marketing.


Creating an infotainment will mean more work, conceptualizing a video that is both Informative and entertaining is definitely what the consumers are looking for. If they don’t find your videos entertaining or informative, then expect them to hit the x button.

Tips and Tricks

1. Set a budget and a concept layout

According to Wizmotions If you want to expand by putting a budget for your video, make sure you have a detailed concept layout of your video so you can achieve your objective.

2. Short video content

Make it short and simple. Consumers can get bored if your video is lengthy and full of words, people has shorter attention span compared to other generation. Choose the right concept, the significant contents you’d like to emphasize to your viewers and make it as seamless as possible.

3. Personalize

The only way to catch your viewers heart and convert it to a customer and a sale is to personalize your video, you need to make sure that your concept will definitely win your Niche’s heart. This also establishes rapport and makes your consumers feel that you are one with them.

4. Storytelling

This is not a new approach, but applying the story telling concept in a quirky way will definitely be a show stopper.


Mangomattermedia’s best advice is don’t forget to put your Call Action Button at least at the end of your video, this entices your viewers to be curious and hit that button which can convert them to a potential sale.

6. SEO

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SEO optimization is crucial as well with your videos. The key is finding the right keywords for your title and description, to raise your Page Rank. We can never tell if there would be changes with the anticipated trends by 2017, but one thing we’re sure in creating an effective and impressive Video marketing, creativity and good planning is essential.


Impress Them with Your Awesome Explainer Video!

I know you’re all excited to get your hands down to making the video but slowdown cowboy. We should be able to determine first if we have the essential elements of what an awesome and killer explainer video has. In this article, I will only enumerate the top 5 things for an easy stride.

1. The Backbone: Storyline
Your storyline serves as the central point of the video. It should have a direct and concise message easy enough for the audience to know what your goal is. You should be able to present your products or services at the very start and end of the video.

2. It’s all about visualization
After having a story in mind, picture out what characters and digital images you’d like to add to accentuate the theme. Take note that consistency is key and you must use appropriate images and characters to fit the entire video.

3. You can’t go wrong with audio
Finding the right kind of voice has a big impact of the video. The delivery of the thought and humor resonates here. Not only does it have to be audible, it has to complement the subject of the entire video. It’s like picking the right dress to a party.

4. Engage with the audience
You want to deliver your message but you don’t want to bore your audience to death. The best thing to do is mix the right amount of seriousness and humor. The end goal is to keep the audience from watching the video from start to end. Not only that, by the end of it, they should be interested as well to try out what your product or service is.

5. Budget and Launching
The video should have major impact. This is shown by the number of views it has, positive comments and a whole lot of share online. Launching a video online sounds like it’s cheap and although there are numerous social networking sites available for you to post for free, you need to set a sum of money for posting ads in specific websites. This is to ensure your target market sees the video so you would be able to reach your end objective.

So after discussing the necessary or essential elements to an awesome and killer explainer video, you can now start making and launch your own one. Now go out there and bring home the bacon!

If you need a guide and examples of top explainer videos in the internet, I’ve provided some links below for you to copy and paste. One thing they have in common is that, they have the essential elements I mentioned above:

Video Brewery: The Top 10 Best Explainer Videos… Ever
Hubspot : 20 Examples of Fabulous Explainer Videos
Onboardly: The 5 Best Startup Product Explainer Videso of All Time
InfoGraphicWorld: 20 Explainer Videos Startups Could Learn From


5 Video Marketing Tips for Your Website this 2017

If used right, video marketing  is enough to send the right message to your target audience.

On a marketing perspective, its efficiency can rival any other written or image content that you can produce for your brand. Touching reality, how does it fare as a marketing tool?

Here are some numbers to give you an idea:

  • Youtube, the leading video sharing site, has over a billion users.

  • The views received on every video on this platform numbers in billions.

  • A total of 300 hours worth of video content is uploaded, every MINUTE.

  • YouTube is available in more than 75 countries – that pretty much covers up everyone who has access to the internet all over the world.

This is just the statistics on one video platform. There’s still Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion and a whole lot more out there. Just imagine if you could use all those video sharing sites as outlets of your marketing campaigns. However, using them for those purposes is not something that can be accomplished without proper planning. Just like any marketing strategy, video marketing has some guidelines that you will need to follow in order to make it more appealing to your target audience. Below are some of the important ones.

1. Short is better

When making a video for your brand, length plays an important role. That’s because the longer the video, the lesser it is for your viewers to view the whole video. With that taken into account, the optimal length of every video you produce should be well under three minutes or so.

With that in mind, the content of your video should be able to deliver the message you want to send within that timeframe. You don’t have to put it all into detail – just put in the necessary points that will invite your viewers to engage with you.

2. Provide a great story

Creating video content isn’t simply about making videos about your product. It’s about creating an explainer videos about your brand that your viewers will want to watch. This is where creativity plays a great role as it is the key to engaging your viewers and make them turn their heads towards your brand.

How can you do this? You can either link the promotion of your brand to a popular song, a parody of an important event or plain comic relief. Create something that will stick into the heads of your target audience – not something they’ll forget the moment they close that tab.

3. Tell a bigger story

While being creative can help make your viewers click your videos and watch them, another way to do so is to create content that talks about the effects that your product provides to the people using it or to the general populace. Try to see the bigger picture in which your product can play a pivotal role and use that idea in creating your video.

If your product is an LED light bulb, you can talk about reducing the detrimental effects that mankind is doing to mother nature. If it’s road tires, you can create a video about road safety in general. These are just some of the examples where you can create a bigger story out of the brand that you are promoting.

4. Target the right people

Your videos, once posted into the video sharing site, will be available for everyone. However, your aim should be for your target audience to locate it since they are the ones who will most likely be converted into leads. Try to optimize not only the content of the video itself but also the tags – try to put in only the most relevant ones. When it comes to drawing traffic, you need to remember that it’s better not to reach everyone – all you need is to reach out to the people that will matter.

5. Gather the results

Once you have posted your videos online, after sometime you will need to measure its efficiency. Has it drawn out the amount of traffic you expected it to draw in? Have you generated more leads after posting the said content on YouTube? There are many tools out there that will be able to provide you with ample information with regards to your video metrics.

These tools can measure how many has viewed the page, the volume of traffic who watched the  video from start to finish. These tools will help you determine your next course of action you will need to take.

Video marketing as a whole

The effects of video marketing are easily noticeable but it will easily give a negative effect on your brand if done wrong. Make sure you escape these pitfalls by following the tips provided here.


How to Maximize Social Media for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing campaign is now easier and less expensive through social media sites. Add to that the fact that people are now spending more time watching videos on mobile than watching TV, according to John Koetsier, Mobile Economist at Tune.

Social Media sites have different style, approach and policies. These are not restrictions, but are challenges that stir more our creativity.

You may master running a video marketing campaign on a particular site. Or, you may upload coherent videos in different social media sites.

In this article, you will find out how you could maximize social media sites in general.

1. Determine a Specific Goal per video

There are already too many videos in social media sites that they seem all the same. But, people will get hooked if they will feel like the video was made especially for them or that it is their story that you are telling them. You can do this if you will be able to determine a specific set of people who will be able to relate to your video.

In an interview, Owen Hemsath advised that the videos can focus on catering a specific audience and one call-to-action per video. You can create one set of videos that will aim to increase your subscribers and another set of videos that will aim to boost your sales. In this way, your audience will not be confused or get overwhelmed by too many hyperlinks.

You can also refer to your analytics to determine if you are reaching your target audience and how your audience responds to your video post.

2. Make the First Glimpse Count

Due to the fast pace environment and information overload, people now tend to skim their Newsfeeds and only get a glimpse of the thumbnails or the first frames of the videos when auto played.

Your video should stir interest or intrigue in the first seconds before they could hit the stop button. You could also state your call-to-action in the first frames.

Since the Auto play feature is usually on mute, it is ideal that you add subtitles that they may still follow the flow of your story. You may also display the key words on the screen.

If the auto play feature is turned off, you can make them stop from scrolling in their Newsfeeds by having an eye-catching thumbnail of your video. The thumbnail may present a peek from your video like a picture of a mini black hole, advised by Andre Oentoro, founder of BreadnBeyond. He also advised that a thumbnail could be a picture of an authority figure.

You can also add a logo in the thumbnail that viewers will immediately identify your company, especially when you already have created a loyal audience.

3. Consider the Video Length Limit as a Challenge

Many of the most popular social media platforms set maximum video length limit. Like for example, in Twitter, users can only post videos with a maximum of two minutes and twenty seconds.

When your video exceeds the maximum video length limit, you can embed your YouTube link in your twitter post or in other platforms. You can also create a teaser for the long video while adding the link to the longer version of the video.

Consider the video length limit as a challenge that will stir up your creativity. The most important thing still is that you are able to convey your message regardless of its duration.

4. Make it SEO-Friendly

Most social media platforms are now equipped with their own search engine. Hence, your title, descriptions and tags of your video should be properly indicted and SEO-Friendly.

Avoid tag stuffing and using of misleading metadata like on YouTube, where adding a subject that is irrelevant to your video may not be displayed in the search results.

Monitoring the trending topics or hashtags also let you know how your target audience can find you. May be you can find a way for your brand to be relevant to the trending topic. Be careful though when doing this, especially on the topics about religion and politics.

5. Upload Native Videos as an Advantage

Native videos refer to the videos that have been directly uploaded to a particular platform. The advantage of these native video is that you will be able to maximize the special feature of a platform like auto play. Based on the article of Jon Mowat, these videos have a higher likelihood to appear in the search page results because they are prioritized in platforms where they have been uploaded directly.

There are social media tools which can help you organize your video posting. You could still make sure that while you maximize the special features of each platform, your video posts are still coherent in different platforms.

6. Live Video Broadcast your Events Marketing

Live Video Streaming Feature is now the latest trending feature of most Social Media Sites. This feature is less expensive compared to pre-recorded videos, according to writer, Martin Jones in his article. He suggests that live video streaming could cover your event marketing like grand opening or unveiling of your new product.

Through live video streaming, you could also show them a glimpse of how you process your products or other location in your office that might interest them.  People will be able to see how authentic your brand is.

7. Set up a Paid Video Campaign

Paid Video Campaign allows you to reach more audience, especially when your reach no longer increases because it has become limited to the number of people who have already searched you in Facebook, according to Andrew Tate. But, this can also happen in other social media

In most social media sites, you can define the specific audience you want your paid video campaign to reach. In Facebook, they may be able to identify if a user fits the demographics you define based on interest, location and purchasing behavior.


Top Explainer Videos of All Time That You Should Watch

There’s no doubt about it that Online Videos are the hype when it comes to Digital Business Marketing, it’s a fantastic introduction on what your business or product is about and how it can actually help your client’s in their business or daily life. We’ve sorted out the Top Explainer Videos of all time we think would be helpful and a must watch for any venture.


Crazy Egg was spot on with why your visitors are not converting to customers and how they can help. Loved the sequence of their animation and how convincing the video actually is.


Though Spotify has loads of explainer videos, this is one of the best, why? The video has no voice overs just music and words and it directly hits the jackpot on what Spotify is about – Music.


Not only because a funny advertisement, but Dollar Shave Club, presented the problems of the product and highlighted why their product is the best way to go.

4. Poopourri

Now here’s another one with an outrageous concept in their video, but Poopuri’s Explainer Video is a perfect example of the products disposition, their product is shocking so they also need a shocking ad with it.


Concept and graphics may be simple, but Noodle was able to execute the each factor how their product is user friendly and how an actual office can utilize their product.

6. Spendee 

Spendee’s concept is really practical, there’s no voice overs and the company shows you how you should use their app. Easy peasy.

7. Mint

Mint’s approach is opposite with Spendee’s it has voice overs and shows you a lot of graphs but they emphasize the benefits of using their app and how secure it is. Which is actually perfect for financial apps since users would also focus on the security features.

8. Pinterest

This animated approach of what is Pinterest? Gives newbies a grasp of what Pinterest actually does and how technology has innovated from the classic pinning to using Pinterest.

9. Zencash

This is a classic example of a blackboard concept, Zencash was also able to briefly explain how the process will go if you sign up with them.

10. Wix

Wix highlights their best features and for a short period of time explaining it would actually entice you in signing up for them.

11. Paper

Paper has one of the most unique approaches when it comes to their video, this video explains a lot about the app by showing how to use it in a first person basis, no voice overs. Now these are just a few good examples you can inspire yourself in starting off your own Explainer video. A short tip from us, Make it short, Simple, Creative and don’t forget to show your app in action within or at the end of the video.


The Ultimate Guide to Effective Video Marketing

An effective video marketing can be tested in a series of experiments involving proper and careful strategies that would include funding to create the videos, effective creative ideas for content, appealing content output that could entice target audience and potent channels for the distribution of videos.

But let’s start with the fundamentals to appease your passion in starting to create videos for marketing purpose. We believe in the efficacy of video marketing if it is done the right way. We are in the industry of creating animated videos for marketing anyway. However, the purpose of this article is to make you realize, eventually and gradually, about the relevance of videos in the integration of your marketing efforts.