Top 7 Video Marketing Tips for 2017 — Straight From the Experts

Every year brings new progress, and nowhere is change more palpable than in the field of technology — and how people use it. The field of marketing, which is perennially affected by technological progress, likewise roars along at full speed. The year 2017 will see the dawn of new techniques, the plateauing of old ones, and the resurgence of others we once thought obsolete.

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Everyone can place their bets on different developments, but one thing is sure — video will remain to be the king of all media, and will continue to be the most powerful driving force in marketing. Let’s see what the experts have to say about this, and how the dominance of video will affect other marketing aspects.

1.) Forbes says Snap will lead the way

Forbes’ list of 2017 trends highlights the evolution of Snap — the service that took the social media world by storm under its former name Snapchat. Through its evolution, Snap has opened new doors in the field of video. Taking the cue from Instagram’s in-the-moment experience, Snap now takes things one step further by bringing video into the real world via its Snaptacles. Of course, this makes Snap the perfect platform for viral marketing campaigns.

In contrast, Forbes paints Twitter’s fate as that of a red giant — still bright, but is in the later stages of its life cycle. The text-dominated platform induces what the article calls “Twitter fatigue”, caused by a steady stream of small updates. This stands in contrast with Instagram and other platforms (again, Snap) that offer more detailed looks at people’s lives with less frequency. This points us again to a positive trend, as video is the king of “detailed looks”. Both Instagram and Snap have also ventured into providing video-related services for its users.