5 Video Marketing Tips for Your Website this 2017

If used right, video marketing  is enough to send the right message to your target audience.

On a marketing perspective, its efficiency can rival any other written or image content that you can produce for your brand. Touching reality, how does it fare as a marketing tool?

Here are some numbers to give you an idea:

  • Youtube, the leading video sharing site, has over a billion users.

  • The views received on every video on this platform numbers in billions.

  • A total of 300 hours worth of video content is uploaded, every MINUTE.

  • YouTube is available in more than 75 countries – that pretty much covers up everyone who has access to the internet all over the world.

This is just the statistics on one video platform. There’s still Vimeo, VEVO, Dailymotion and a whole lot more out there. Just imagine if you could use all those video sharing sites as outlets of your marketing campaigns. However, using them for those purposes is not something that can be accomplished without proper planning. Just like any marketing strategy, video marketing has some guidelines that you will need to follow in order to make it more appealing to your target audience. Below are some of the important ones.

1. Short is better

When making a video for your brand, length plays an important role. That’s because the longer the video, the lesser it is for your viewers to view the whole video. With that taken into account, the optimal length of every video you produce should be well under three minutes or so.

With that in mind, the content of your video should be able to deliver the message you want to send within that timeframe. You don’t have to put it all into detail – just put in the necessary points that will invite your viewers to engage with you.

2. Provide a great story

Creating video content isn’t simply about making videos about your product. It’s about creating an explainer videos about your brand that your viewers will want to watch. This is where creativity plays a great role as it is the key to engaging your viewers and make them turn their heads towards your brand.

How can you do this? You can either link the promotion of your brand to a popular song, a parody of an important event or plain comic relief. Create something that will stick into the heads of your target audience – not something they’ll forget the moment they close that tab.

3. Tell a bigger story

While being creative can help make your viewers click your videos and watch them, another way to do so is to create content that talks about the effects that your product provides to the people using it or to the general populace. Try to see the bigger picture in which your product can play a pivotal role and use that idea in creating your video.

If your product is an LED light bulb, you can talk about reducing the detrimental effects that mankind is doing to mother nature. If it’s road tires, you can create a video about road safety in general. These are just some of the examples where you can create a bigger story out of the brand that you are promoting.

4. Target the right people

Your videos, once posted into the video sharing site, will be available for everyone. However, your aim should be for your target audience to locate it since they are the ones who will most likely be converted into leads. Try to optimize not only the content of the video itself but also the tags – try to put in only the most relevant ones. When it comes to drawing traffic, you need to remember that it’s better not to reach everyone – all you need is to reach out to the people that will matter.

5. Gather the results

Once you have posted your videos online, after sometime you will need to measure its efficiency. Has it drawn out the amount of traffic you expected it to draw in? Have you generated more leads after posting the said content on YouTube? There are many tools out there that will be able to provide you with ample information with regards to your video metrics.

These tools can measure how many has viewed the page, the volume of traffic who watched the  video from start to finish. These tools will help you determine your next course of action you will need to take.

Video marketing as a whole

The effects of video marketing are easily noticeable but it will easily give a negative effect on your brand if done wrong. Make sure you escape these pitfalls by following the tips provided here.

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