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Explainer Videos – What They Do Best

What a well made explainer video does best is to generate qualified leads, close deals, educate your market and other essential marketing goals. They can touch any topic and boost any brand, to further illustrate this – check out the different  videos we’ve made. 

Companies like Twitter and Dropbox have benefited immensely in the past. The type of auditory and visual explanation it provides has often led the charge for these companies to increase their user base and revenue.

In 2007, Twitter launched an explainer video that garnered millions of views. It explained twitter quickly and effectively resulting in millions of sign ups.  Dropbox also used it to great effect. In fact it’s one of the popular examples of an explainer video in action. Analysts suggest that the video helped them get to their 100M user base, with the video increasing signup and revenue by 10 percent.

4 Things Explainers do well

  • Brand Development.

Nothing makes your brand stand out than quality content. Explainer videos build up brands and make sure the message is heard and remembered. A single video can be brand defining or help build a foundation of awareness.

  • Digital Marketing

Explainer videos is a cheap way to get out and be noticed. It’s a concise way to deliver message and it’s easily shareable. It’s versatility makes it a good tool in any digital campaign.

Here’s one of the reasons why. Did you know advertising on Youtube costs a fraction of the amount it does on other platforms? I’m talking less than a cent for views. With the right video, you can start building an audience and looking to secure qualified leads and sales through a remarketing campaign.

but that’s only the tip of the iceberg, we’ll go in-depth in another post.

  • Explaining your Product or Services

Explanations can be boring. Dry, and for the potential consumer a bore to attempt to understand. Videos help with that problem. They engage with their audience, They take the long winded explanations of yesteryear and turn them into a concise summary – Quick and easy to digest. Videos also love to cut through the noise of the modern market place, grabbing attention and keeping it for a few minutes.

  • Education

Whether it’s training your workforce, or educating the consumer, an explainer video bridges the gap between information and understanding. A combination of strategic visuals and compelling audio is easier to remember and recall then the other mediums out there. This is great for the retention of knowledge but if the viewer needs a refresher, well it’s easy to replay the information back over and over again.

Of course, these are only some of the problems an explainer video can solve.

Tune in next time, I’ll discuss what you can do with a minute of video.

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