Impress Them with Your Awesome Explainer Video!

I know you’re all excited to get your hands down to making the video but slowdown cowboy. We should be able to determine first if we have the essential elements of what an awesome and killer explainer video has. In this article, I will only enumerate the top 5 things for an easy stride.

1. The Backbone: Storyline
Your storyline serves as the central point of the video. It should have a direct and concise message easy enough for the audience to know what your goal is. You should be able to present your products or services at the very start and end of the video.

2. It’s all about visualization
After having a story in mind, picture out what characters and digital images you’d like to add to accentuate the theme. Take note that consistency is key and you must use appropriate images and characters to fit the entire video.

3. You can’t go wrong with audio
Finding the right kind of voice has a big impact of the video. The delivery of the thought and humor resonates here. Not only does it have to be audible, it has to complement the subject of the entire video. It’s like picking the right dress to a party.

4. Engage with the audience
You want to deliver your message but you don’t want to bore your audience to death. The best thing to do is mix the right amount of seriousness and humor. The end goal is to keep the audience from watching the video from start to end. Not only that, by the end of it, they should be interested as well to try out what your product or service is.

5. Budget and Launching
The video should have major impact. This is shown by the number of views it has, positive comments and a whole lot of share online. Launching a video online sounds like it’s cheap and although there are numerous social networking sites available for you to post for free, you need to set a sum of money for posting ads in specific websites. This is to ensure your target market sees the video so you would be able to reach your end objective.

So after discussing the necessary or essential elements to an awesome and killer explainer video, you can now start making and launch your own one. Now go out there and bring home the bacon!

If you need a guide and examples of top explainer videos in the internet, I’ve provided some links below for you to copy and paste. One thing they have in common is that, they have the essential elements I mentioned above:

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