With our years of experience, we created a process designed to save us time and save you money. All throughout each of the following steps we maintain an open line of communication, seeking your thoughts because no one knows what you need better than yourself.

Before we proceed to the next stage, we ensure that you approve of the work done.  We don’t always get things right the first time, but If something does need to be changed. We allow for up to two complimentary amendments per production stage because there’s nothing better than your satisfaction.

1 Contact

The Process starts as soon as you contact us. We will then discuss the particulars and determine if we’re the right fit for you. We then request a project brief. Alternatively you can answer a quick questionnaire designed to give us more insight, so we can help you obtain your goals.

2 Conceptualization

The next Step, deals with your message and how we can deliver it to your audience. It starts with a script. If you have one, great. We’ll review your script and see that it meets our guidelines. If you don’t have one, that’s okay too. We have a professional script writer on hand to help us refine the message if needed.

3 Storyboard and Styleframes

After the script has been finalized. We then move into creating a storyboard. We develop a styleframe guide to make sure we’re representing your business the way you want it.

4 Voice-over recording

At this leg of the process, we will refer to our catalog of professional native-born speakers to get your message the tone it deserves.

5 Production

This is where we put all the ingredients together and cook them up into a whole video. We bring our storyboard to life, adding our voice over and finish it off with sound effects.

5 Delivery

When you’re happy and everything is final, we send you the completed HD Files . Ready for your market to consume and digest.