Top Explainer Videos of All Time That You Should Watch

There’s no doubt about it that Online Videos are the hype when it comes to Digital Business Marketing, it’s a fantastic introduction on what your business or product is about and how it can actually help your client’s in their business or daily life. We’ve sorted out the Top Explainer Videos of all time we think would be helpful and a must watch for any venture.


Crazy Egg was spot on with why your visitors are not converting to customers and how they can help. Loved the sequence of their animation and how convincing the video actually is.


Though Spotify has loads of explainer videos, this is one of the best, why? The video has no voice overs just music and words and it directly hits the jackpot on what Spotify is about – Music.


Not only because a funny advertisement, but Dollar Shave Club, presented the problems of the product and highlighted why their product is the best way to go.

4. Poopourri

Now here’s another one with an outrageous concept in their video, but Poopuri’s Explainer Video is a perfect example of the products disposition, their product is shocking so they also need a shocking ad with it.


Concept and graphics may be simple, but Noodle was able to execute the each factor how their product is user friendly and how an actual office can utilize their product.

6. Spendee 

Spendee’s concept is really practical, there’s no voice overs and the company shows you how you should use their app. Easy peasy.

7. Mint

Mint’s approach is opposite with Spendee’s it has voice overs and shows you a lot of graphs but they emphasize the benefits of using their app and how secure it is. Which is actually perfect for financial apps since users would also focus on the security features.

8. Pinterest

This animated approach of what is Pinterest? Gives newbies a grasp of what Pinterest actually does and how technology has innovated from the classic pinning to using Pinterest.

9. Zencash

This is a classic example of a blackboard concept, Zencash was also able to briefly explain how the process will go if you sign up with them.

10. Wix

Wix highlights their best features and for a short period of time explaining it would actually entice you in signing up for them.

11. Paper

Paper has one of the most unique approaches when it comes to their video, this video explains a lot about the app by showing how to use it in a first person basis, no voice overs. Now these are just a few good examples you can inspire yourself in starting off your own Explainer video. A short tip from us, Make it short, Simple, Creative and don’t forget to show your app in action within or at the end of the video.

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